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seemed so wrong, but now it seems so right

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Meanwhile, in the Canon…

(Arthur Conan Doyle, The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge)

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fixed it.



  1. I want this story to be written
  2. I don’t want this story to be written by anyone but me
  3. I don’t want to write this story

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women in history - artemisia i of caria [fifth century bc]

after the death of her husband, artemisia assumed the throne and was queen of halicarnassus and its neighboring islands, all part of the persian empire ruled by xerxes. when xerxes went to war against greece, artemisia brought five ships and helped him fight the greeks in the battle of salamis. she was such a fearsome force to be reckoned with, the greeks offered a reward of ten thousand drachmas for her capture—yet not one succeeded. artemisia is also credited with persuading xerxes to abandon his invasion of greece. after the war, artemisia fell in love with a younger man named dardanus, but when he didn’t return her love, she blinded him while he was sleeping. even so, artemisia’s love for dardanus only increased and an oracle told her to jump from the top of the rock of leucas—for those who leapt from this rock were said to be cured from the passion of love—but artemisia was killed.


John Hamish Watson, Late of the First Crusade, disillusioned by the atrocities and hypocrisy of the Christian forces with whom he fought, makes his way back to Europe, unsure of himself or his future.

At the request of a boyhood friend, he accepts a job as huntsman/gamekeeper in a troubled forest thought to be plagued by deadly spirits at worst, a malevolent wizard at best.


"Nicea or Antioch?" a deep, disembodied voice echoed around John, bouncing off first one tree trunk, then the next.

He clenched his left hand but remained calm. ”Who’s there?”  John’s dagger and sheath were hidden just inside his leather jerkin, invisible, he hoped, but still within easy reach should he be attacked by anything that could bleed.

A robed figure stepped out from the shadows, It was tall, slender-faced, with striking, piercing eyes. Were they human eyes? Would a mere mortal have such a gaze?

John swallowed. “Are you the wizard?”

The figure’s mouth turned up at one corner before he answered, “It suits my purposes for the peasantfolk to believe so. However, I am human, as you are. I mean you no harm. You may call me Sherlock, if you wish.”

"John. John Watson. I’m….I was sent to protect the village from whatever danger haunts this forest. They fear there are evil spirits about."

Sherlock laughed. “Well-timed echoes, glow from the roots of the honey mushroom, illusions, John Watson. A trick.”

"Then you’re not a wizard?" John had to admit he was battling feelings of doubt, relief, and disappointment.

"No. Wizards do not exist, John. And if they did, I wouldn’t be one of them."


I’ve never done much in the way of graphics or manips, so I thought this might be a chance to try. Background was taken from a site licensed for re-use. Clothing comes from online costume catalogs. Simple PowerPoint work, no photoshop. Wanted to see what it would look like. Exchangelock gift for jamesphillimoresumbrella

I feel like I must have been a very good girl to deserve finding this when I returned to tumblr. Thank you so, so much, I love it, and the ficlet, and the way it feels like you could plant it in good earth and watch it grow into a bigger story. (And I’m glad to find that I’m not the only person who uses PowerPoint for all her graphic-making needs.;) ) Thank you, thank you!!!

If death comes, I’m ready!

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when you’re younger, being smart and being able to pass classes easily without studying is not a good thing

because then when you hit a point where you do have to study for classes, you have no idea how to study

And then you end up sitting staring at your book for 2 hours thinking to yourself: Maybe if I sleep on it some sort of book osmosis will occur and I’ll absorb the information from my book into my mind

And then you cry.

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Kukri Kothimora Dagger

  • Dated :19th century
  • Culture: Nepalese
  • Medium: steel, black buffalo horn, wood, velvet, silver, gems.
  • Measurements: overall length: 45 cm. Blade length: 35 cm

The weapon features a recurved blade with the edge on the concave side and indentation in the shape of a half-moon in the base, near the hilt. The hilt is made of black buffalo horn.

The wooden scabbard is covered in velvet with mounts in pierced and repoussé silver with a central decoration showing the goddess Durga riding a lion. In the upper area it hides two small daggers. The whole ensemble is enriched with cut gems in cabochon cut.

It has a hanging ring and a strap in silver mail.

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